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  • Burns 20-46% more calories than regular walking

  • Strengthens upper body and core

  • Reduces stress on lower body joints (hips, knees, ankles)

Get into shape by burning up to 46% more calories than regular walking without increased exertion.

By adding poles to produce an incredible upper body workout, Nordic Walking takes fitness walking to a new level. This workout increases your endurance, stregthens your core, arms, chest, back, buttocks, and legs, improves your posture and flexibility, and takes stress off your ankle, knee, and hip joints.

What does a Nordic Walking class look like?

Each class is one hour long. We begin with gentle warm ups and learn some Basic Nordic Walking techniques. Then we apply and practice the techniques as we walk around. Everyone will walk at their own pace, but we still stay together as a group. Pamela gives each particiapant some individual attention to improve their techniques. As we return to the meeting place, we end the session with some static stretches.

Need Nordic walking poles?

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“I loved Nordic Walking after knee surgery. It gave me stability and great exercise.


It take some practice, but it's good exercise and fun at all physical levels. I enjoy the group and Pamela is a skilled and encouraging coach.  Do it!!”

— Mary Lee R. 

Nordic Walking Charter Member

“Now that I'm Nordic Walking, the pain in my lower back is better and I am able to walk longer. Even my balance is better.


I enjoy walking with the group. Give it a try!”

— Michael Q. 

Nordic Walking Charter Member

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